Refund Policy— No cash refunds will be given. Studio credit will be issued for classes withdrawn from within a month from class start date. No refunds or make-ups for missed classes. If a class is withdrawn from, classes attended will be billed at a $18/$21 drop in rate.
Spring Recital Date TBA. Participation is optional, please inform your teacher by November 9th if you plan NOT to participate. A $40 non refundable costume deposit will be required for each class by November 12th and balances will be due by February 13th.

Covid Studio Policies and Protocol

Regarding studio Protocols as per CDC guidelines and best practices.  We will be following our local school district policies regarding Covid protocol.

1. We have air purifiers in each studio.

2. Touch-less hand sanitizer stations have been set up in each studio.

3. We have  touch-less faucets in the bathrooms as well as touch-less soap dispensers and non touch paper towel dispenser.

4. We request that each parent take responsibility for monitoring their children and, if they exhibit any symptoms at all, keep them home and not send them to the studio.