Refund Policy— No cash refunds will be given. Studio credit will be issued for classes withdrawn from within a month from class start date. No refunds or make-ups for missed classes. If a class is withdrawn from, classes attended will be billed at a $17 drop in rate.
Spring Recital Date TBA. Participation is optional, please inform your teacher by November 9th if you plan NOT to participate. A $40 non refundable costume deposit will be required for each class by November 14th and balances will be due by February 13th.

Covid Studio Policies and Protocols

Regarding Tuition Refunds this year if we have to go back to zoom classes:  We will have a different pricing option for zoom classes as well as the option of opting out of zoom classes.  We want to assure you that we will credit you the difference or issue you a refund if this does happen.  We are hopeful that it won’t, but if the State of Maine mandates us to shut down again this will be our only alternative.

Zoom Classes:  There may be some parents that are still not ready to return to the studio but would like to continue through zoom.  This will be an option and we will zoom the classes live at the scheduled class time.  All zoom classes will be $10.

Regarding studio Protocols as per CDC guidelines and best practices.  This is continually evolving, but currently this is what we are planning. We welcome any suggestions or questions.

1. Waiting rooms and dressing rooms will be off limits.  We will be entering and exiting the building through the back doors to each studio to avoid the waiting area.

2. No parents will be allowed in the studio unless necessary.  We ask that you wait in your cars instead of the waiting area.  We may allow parents of young children in the studio if necessary.

3. Studios will be cleaned between classes.  Floors will be cleaned, everything used by students will be wiped down and disinfected.  We have mist sprayers to disinfect floors and mop quickly.  It takes about 5 minutes to dry.  We may have to adjust the schedule slightly between classes.  We may also try to consolidate the same dancers in the same studio if they have classes back to back, and have the teachers change studios but not the dancers.

4. We have installed air purifiers in each studio and we will keep doors and windows open for ventilation.

5. Touch-less hand sanitizer stations have been set up in each studio for dancers to use when they first arrive in class.

6. We have installed touch-less faucets in the bathrooms as well as touch-less soap dispensers and non touch paper towel dispenser

7. Class sizes will be limited.  We have all the studios marked out so dancers are maintaining a 6 foot distance or more from one another.  We have allotted for a certain size class in each studio.

8. All teachers will be wearing masks.

9. In order for everyone to feel safe we would like all students to wear masks when dancing but understand this may take some adjustment.  If for any reason students feel dizzy or are having a hard time breathing they can take their mask off or step outside.  It will take time for oxygen levels to adjust, but they will over time.  Here is a great article from Dance Magazine that explains “How to Dance in a Face Mask.”

10. We will not be able to allow students to stay in between classes, no food at all can be brought inside the building.  Water bottles can be brought into the studio, but we can not use our water filling station.  We will have extra water on hand if needed. Everything brought to the studio by students needs to be taken home and not left behind.  In order to maintain the safest possible environment, anything left behind will be disposed of. (For students who live very far away and have periods to wait before classes we may be able to make some exceptions. Please speak to Nicki if you have a hardship regarding this.)

11. We request that each parent take responsibility for monitoring their children and, if they exhibit any symptoms at all, keep them home and not send them to the studio.  We will have a consent form that each parent signs saying as much as well as letting us know if they have travelled to any hot spots and, if so, have done the necessary quarantining or testing.

We will be doing temperature checks when students arrive and asking a checklist of questions.

We are hoping this will not be the protocol all year but need to continually follow the State CDC guidelines.  As of now, Maine is in a good place.  We are hoping it stays that way and the situation only gets better. 

Covid Consent Form